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Down In Mexico by Piddling

After having read what both yourself and Pinionist wrote i felt you were both totally RIGHT and at the same time totally WRONG. The following explains...i hope :)

:iconaplz:nd now for a completely different view on this photo. As a glamour model this is exactly how she would be expected to sell her image and, for a producer of girls/models/celebs calendars this is precisely what they want for the worlwide market demand . It just runs alongside other female artform photography but in a different niche. Remember also that everyone views something in a totally varied way to their neighbour etc.
Myself! I don't find this in the least bit erotic, porn tinged or anything remotely of a rampaging hormone male disposition. To me its a well lit, gentle and relaxed photo that could easily be of someone who is a rising star surfer (or other water sport activist) in a swimsuit...heck if she was on an ice surface i'd think she was wearing a skating outfit. These type of photo's are the mainstay bread and butter work of many photographer's/artist's. If this had been taken in an exotic location with better lighting, sun etc. it would easily stand up against the photo's that the likes of Patrick Lichfield and David Bailey et al did for the Pirelli Calendar's.
Take a look at this year's issue, done by Mario Sorrenti and decide which is the blatantly more pornographic between the image here and the Sorrenti shoot. If this was put into Photoshop it could be made even 10 times better.

I think i had better leave it at that before this end's up being a novel :lmao:
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